New Hope Photo Gallery

Matt & his merry band of missionaries.
Giraffe while on safari
Elephant while on Safari
Antelope while on safari

Lioness while on safari

Visiting a family group for devotions

Visiting after devotions
Annette during devotions
Our team having breakfast
Building a retaining wall for a volley ball court
View through the window while on safari
Hippos in the Nile near our camp site
Mubezi and Matt are dusty after safari



Murchison Falls
Kilgore family picture
Elephant on the Nile
Our group on a boat trip on the Nile
Water buffalo on the Nile
Matt and his missionary band's catch
New Hope's Church
Our team in Church
Family group picture
One of the seven children's villages on site
Kristin and Andy
An oxen demonstration
Kristin and Annette in front of the school
Getting a tour on the team's first day
Kilgore's house
Checking progress on the new library
Dancing during our outreach
Spectators for the outreach
The secondary school and the Texas team singing for the outreach